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Flat Roofing in Brighton & Hove

Flat Roofs BrightonThe main advantage of a flat roof is that it frees up the internal space so you can use the full height of the room below, giving you more flexibility in the internal design of your property. Flat roofs are a popular choice, especially in new-build properties, allowing you to create a stunning internal living space that is hard to achieve with a pitched roof design.

Flat roofs are by no means a ‘cheap’ alternative to pitched roofs. However, with less materials and construction costs to consider, they are more cost-effective to install.

A flat roof typically consists of:

  • Waterproof membrane
  • Thermal insulation layer
  • Roof deck base for the waterproof membrane
  • Vapour control layer to help reduce condensation
  • Load-bearing joist supports
  • Plasterboard ceiling
  • Gutters


There are two types of insulation methods used on flat roofs: warm and cold.

A warm roof insulation layer is installed above the roof deck and vapour control layer, immediately below the waterproof membrane. This is far more effective than cold roof insulation where the insulating layer is installed below the deck and immediately above the ceiling.


GRP Flat Roofing BrightonRepairs

Even though a flat roof will have a slight slope it is not as efficient at shedding water as its pitched roof counterpart so it needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Leaf and debris build-up can clog the gutters, resulting in drainage problems. Long-term water pooling can lead to roof sag, structural damage and eventual roof collapse.

Over time the waterproof membrane can crack and blister. If blistering is widespread and the roof begins to sag between the joists then the roof will need to be replaced.

Another reason for roof renewal is to up-grade from cold roof to warm roof insulation. This involves the installation of a vapour control layer, a rigid board insulation layer, and a new waterproof coating.

The two most popular flat roof coverings are:


Felt roofs consist of a 3 layer system:

  • Vapour control layer
  • Reinforced felt layer
  • Bitumen capping sheet

These are melted and welded together on site, with a hot torch.

Although felt roofs are long-lasting, they are not suitable for heavy foot traffic so are not recommended for roof terraces or balconies.


GPR Fibreglass

GRP Flat RoofsMade from reinforced fibreglass polyester, GPR has a cold-lay membrane so there is no need for on-site torching.

Durable and lightweight, it will provide you with a watertight and maintenance free covering for many years. GPR is a robust, non-corrosive flat roof solution with an optimum finish. It won’t sag and will never rot. It’s ideal for roof terraces and it’s flexible enough to be shaped around roof lights.


MB Roofing has over 30 years experience in flat roof installation and maintenance. We specialise in insulation upgrades, high performance built-up felt roof installations and we are premier approved installers of Scott Bayder Crystic GPR fibreglass roof systems.

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