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Roof Repairs BrightonCommon Roof Problems That Should Be Sorted

It’s sits on top of your house and you can’t see it that well. That’s why often, your roof is neglected and it’s only once the damage is done that you realise you have a problem. Many repairs are simple and relatively inexpensive if caught in time. But if problems are left to escalate they can seriously affect the rest of your roof system and the rest of your home.

An annual roof inspection carried out by a specialist roofing contractor is recommended to keep your roof in a good and safe condition. Here’s a look at some minor roof problems, that should be sorted before they lead to serious structural damage.

Loose Tiles

Loose and missing tiles are usually caused by bad weather and birds and animals climbing onto the roof. It may also be a simple case of age and broken ridges caused by crumbling mortar.
Falling tiles can cause injuries or damage to vehicles but they can also let water in and cause leaks. Damp build-up can eventually result in mould growth and, if left, cause damage to the underlying roof structure.


Metal or lead flashings seal areas where the roof adjoins vertical walls or chimney stacks and prevent water seeping inside.
Over time, weather conditions and oxidisation cause flashings to deteriorate and loosen. Other surprising culprits are squirrels who have exceptionally hard teeth and love chewing on flashings. Damaged flashings can result in water running down the inner walls and into the chimney flue.

Roof Repairs BrightonFascias

Fascias run along the roof edge, protecting the interior roof line against the elements and adding support to the last level of roof tiles. However, they are often made from wood which can rot and decay over time. Moisture damage can also weaken the fascias, compromising their ability to support the tiles above.


Drainage problems are most commonly caused by debris build-up; blocking gutters, valleys and downpipes, resulting in water pooling, damp and mould.
Damage can be prevented by regular cleaning and avoiding leaning ladders directly on gutters and downpipes.
To check the efficiency of gutters and problem areas, watch how the water runs during a heavy rain shower.

Roof Repairs BrightonMany problems can be fixed easily, however, don’t attempt to climb up onto the roof yourself. Roof repairs and inspections should be carried out by a qualified and experienced roofing specialist. MB Roofing Brighton offers an excellent roof repairs service in Brighton and surrounding areas. No matter how large or small your roof repair needs, we’ll be happy to help.

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