Lead Flashing

Lead Fashings have been used for many years to protect chimneys from the wear and tear of weather. Whether it is rain, snow, hail or excessive heat, Lead Flashings have proved themselves to be reliable and effective.

MB Roofing provides and installs Lead Flashings to its many customers across Brighton. The resulting durability and protection provided by having Lead Flashings on your chimney makes your chimney and roof more protected. On top of this, they can often add an aesthetic quality to your chimney.

Lead is a very strong material to ensure your chimney is protected from the various natural occurrences that can damage it.

Your chimney is important to your roof and your home, and it is therefore important that it is adequately protected. Our team of experts at MB Roofing have years of experience of fitting Lead Flashings to chimney all across Brighton, so you can rest assured that your chimney will be excellently protected by the time we are done with it.

MB Roofing finds that installing Lead Flashings to chimneys is one of its most highly requested services in Brighton. This is due to its usefulness and quality. Lead Flashing lasts 3x longer than alternative materials.

For long-term, reliable protection for your roof in Brighton, please call MB Roofing on 01273 819808 or request a quote here