Tiled/Slate Roofs

At MB Roofing we know a professionally constructed roof will improve insulation, add value to your property and keep you protected from extreme weather conditions. We have experience working on all types, ages and heights of buildings and our team are skilled in both traditional and modern techniques.

While it is unlikely that your slate roof will need repairs on a regular basis, it may be essential to repair or replace individual tiles from time to time to ensure that it remains watertight and strong. MB Roofing provide a comprehensive repair and replacement service if your tiles are cracked or broken.

Natural slate is 100% natural. It’s the product of hundreds of millions of years of geology, and contains none of the chemicals that many synthetic alternatives do. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, great-looking roof, then natural slate is the eco-friendly choice. natural slate can withstand heat, cold, rain and snow.

Tile roofs withstand all kinds of weather. Tolerance for severe storms, cold temperatures, snow, rain, frost, and ice. Lastingness of products and solutions is a key factor in modern families. The majority of tiles are made of terracotta or slate.

The weight of the tiles is evenly distributed across the wooden trusses or support beams. Taking care to decrease the chances of developing weak spots. Due to the combination of a smooth surface and the interlocking edges of the tiles, excess rain water does not collect and flows freely down. As long as dirt and stones are kept out of the guttering system, a tiled roof with a correctly designed guttering system will protect your home all year.

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